Facilities, Health Care Providers & Act Teams

Facilities, Health Care Providers and Act team servicesH & C Chemists is one of the few pharmacies in NYC that has a dedicated pharmacy program for Facilities and Act teams.

Our program is designed to save the facility both staff time and money; at the same time improve patient outcomes.

Facilities, Health Care Providers and Act team services

H & C Chemists offers facilities the following services:

  • Medication Adherence Packaging.
  • Monthly reports are faxed to each Facility, Act Team or Health Care Provider. Each report specifically states the day of the month the patient is due for a refill, and if that patients requires any new prescriptions.
  • Monthly review of each patients profile.
  • A flexible delivery schedule that is determined by the needs of the facility or patient. Deliveries to facilities can be daily or more than once per day.