Welcome to H & C Chemists Inc.

H & C Chemists Inc.It seems like everything these days is mass-produced…even medicine. At H & C Chemists we pride ourselves on doing things differently. Our experience as pharmacists for over 30 years has taught us that filling prescriptions for our patients is not always enough. We founded H & C Chemists with the intention of providing pharmacy services which give the best medication outcomes for our patient. Our programs were developed to give Health Care Providers, Counselors and Social Workers options for their patients.

Medication Adherence Program

Medication Adherence ProgramAt H & C Chemists we examined why patients do not adhere to their medication regimen and developed a Medication Adherence Program to give each patient options.

A patient's poor response to a medication regimen can be very complex; therefore we evaluate each patient and offer a variety of services which will result in the best outcomes for the patient.

Our Medication Adherence Program is ideal for patients with:

  • Psychiatric Illness
  • Solid Organ Transplant

Facilities, Health Care Providers and Act Teams

Facilities, Health Care professionals and Act TeamsLooking for the best pharmacy services for your facility or patient? H & C Chemists can provide numerous options that will assist you and your staff in providing quality patient care at a significant savings for your facility in both time and money. We are centrally located in Manhattan and can deliver to your facility on a set daily schedule or numerous times per day. H & C Chemists is one of the few pharmacies in New York City to have a dedicated program specifically designed to provide services to facilities who deal with patients with Mental Health Issues or HIV.


CompoundingUnfortunately not all medical issues can be resolved by mass produced medication. H & C Chemists is a compounding pharmacy; and we have both the equipment and the training necessary to prepare medications not commercially available from pharmaceutical companies. We can prepare medications in various dosage forms such as capsules, suspensions, troches, suppositories, enemas, creams, and ointments. Many pharmacies say they do compounding but our compounds are prepared in a state of the art compounding room by a pharmacist specifically trained to do compounding. We are a proud member of PCCA (Professional Compounding Centers of America).

Surgical Supplies

Surgical SuppliesFinding the right surgical supply is not always easy. There are many types, brands and sizes, but at H&C Chemists we have a surgical supply coordinator on staff to make sure that your surgical supply is an exact fit. If you cannot come to us, then our surgical supply coordinator will come to your home, office or hotel. He will then take the necessary measurements to ensure that there is 100 percent satisfaction with each purchase.

Delivery Service

Delivery ServiceH & C Chemists provides free delivery service everywhere in Manhattan and its boroughs. Our delivery service is the pride of our pharmacy; we have our own delivery people and schedule delivery times around the patient's schedule. Our delivery staff is multilingual and is fully trained in dealing with the specific needs of each patient. H & C Chemists also ships via UPS, FedEx and United States Postal Service outside our local delivery area.